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No matter where you come from, the sky is something that connects us all. Yet in our increasingly digital world, we are becoming more and more disconnected with the sky and nature. Learn the Sky aims to educate others about the stars and constellations in the hope that many will rediscover the oldest science of astronomy.


I'm Janine Bonham, creator of Learn the Sky. I created this project while teaching high school in the hopes to reach more than just my classroom students.   For the past decade as an educator, I made it my mission to encourage others to go outside, learn more about the night sky, and reconnect with the ancient science of astronomy.


Our Learn the Sky Community originated as a YouTube Channel back in 2016. Over time, viewers across the world requested more videos about the stars and other various topics in astronomy. This inspired me to create online courses to work with individuals that were interested in engaging more with the stars, mythologies and celestial objects found in the night sky.

Ancient and Modern Star Patterns

There are a total of 88 recognized constellations by the scientific community, which are a combination of both ancient and modern star patterns. In our courses, you will learn what these patterns look like in the sky, when you can find then during the year, and the names of the bright stars within the patterns.

What is a CONSTELLATION? Find the constellation VIRGO TRY a FREE Mini-Lesson about ORION

Constellation Mythologies

The stories of the stars date back thousands of years in human civilization and there is no one correct mythology for each of the constellations.  The mythologies of the stars were often symbolic and depicted ancient gods, sacred animals and moral tales.  Each culture throughout the ages had their own version and depiction of the stars.  In our courses, we will explore many of the famous tales from a variety of cultures around the world.


Deep Sky Objects

The sky is so full of amazing objects such as star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.  Some of these objects can be seen with the naked eye, while others need magnification to see the details within. In our courses, we explore the celestial objects within the constellations and how to find them. You will also learn the differences between these objects and the best ways to view them. 

Learn more about Star Clusters Learn more about Nebulae Learn more about Galaxies

Discover the Beauty of the Night Sky

Learn the Sky strives to educate others on how to navigate the night sky, the stories of the stars, and how to find deep sky objects.


Frequently Asked Questions

We will focus on the how the find the CONSTELLATION STAR PATTERNS that can be seen in the northern hemisphere. In our classes we will also discuss the DEEP SKY OBJECTS found within the boundaries of each constellation being taught.

The MYTHOLOGIES of the stars will be included in the lessons, but it would be virtually impossible to cover them all. There is no one story that is correct for each constellation. The stories are as diverse as the cultures they derive from. First and foremost I am a scientist, not a historian. However, the stories of the stars belong to us all, and here we will create a dialogue around the ancient mythologies.

My experience comes from a over a decade of studying the sky on the Big Island of Hawaii, where some of the darkest skies on the planet exist, so I will focus on STARGAZING TECHNIQUES that have worked for me over the years.

Once you complete your purchase, you will have access to the video lessons, worksheets, and quizzes within the coursework. You will also have access to leave comments and questions on each of the lessons. I will be responding to these comments personally.

Each week, you will be sent a weekly email reminding you of the lessons assigned each week. 

This website is geared towards beginner scientists and anyone who wants to understand the motion of the sky, the legends of the stars, and especially how the find the constellations. I tend to teach the very basic principals of observation.

This course is meant for anyone that has an interest in learning about the night sky.

If you are a professional astronomer, or even an amateur one that has been stargazing for years, these classes may be not be for you. However, there is always something new to learn. Check my blog to see if my teaching style and content works for you.

I will be not teaching about TELESCOPES, as I have very little experience in this area.  I like using binoculars at this point, and at some point I will eventually graduate to using a telescope, but for now my preference is to use binoculars. There are many great resources out there to help with this subject.

I will not be teaching ASTROPHYSICS in great detail, but we will focus on the ideas behind the math. This is an observational science, so we will focus on the mathematics of time.

I do not discuss ASTROLOGY. At one point human history, astronomy and astrology were one in the same. But since the scientific revolution over 400 years ago, these two subjects have diverged. I will be talking about the zodiacal constellations and mythologies, but I would never claim to know how the planets or stars affect our lives. In other words, I'm not a fortuneteller.

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