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What does a Stargazer see?

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What is a Constellation?

In modern times, a constellation is defined as a region of the sky in which groups of stars appear to be linked. Some constellations date back far in human history, while some constellations very recently. Ancient humans used the sky as a calendar.

Astronomy versus Astrology

Astronomy is the study of material universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Astrology (western) is the interpretation of how the heavenly bodies influence human affairs. At Learn the Sky, we will explore the stars through the lens of an ASTRONOMY

Types of Constellations

When astronomers are studying the sky, they break the constellations down into three basic categories based upon their position in the sky. Explore ways to identify the star patterns, how they change with each season and the time cycles of the Earth and stars.

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Since 2016, I’ve helped people from all over the world rediscover the ancient art of astronomy and stargazing.  I’m passionate about helping others learn more about the amazing things that exist beyond the boundaries of our home. View some of our most popular courses below.

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many will go outside, look up, and REDISCOVER
 the ancient science of ASTRONOMY.


These are the pieces of the night sky you will see and discover along your stargazing journey.

Constellation Star Patterns

Bright Stars

Star Legends

Star Clusters



Praise for Learn the Sky

Your videos as a guide has helped me to focus on something I’m interested in and really gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I’m able to go outside and name so many stars and constellations now just from watching and studying your videos. It’s been a really big help in many ways and I’m really grateful for all of it!

David Smolokoff
Opera Singer

My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos. Your natural way of presenting information is interesting and easily understood. 

Victoria Arendt
Artist and Author

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