Being a science nerd all my life, I am blessed to have called the Big Island of Hawaii home for many years. There, I shared my love of science teaching high school throughout the Islands in a variety of subjects, including biology, marine science, geology, and astronomy. The Big Island is truly a magical place for astronomy because of the latitude, telescopes, wide-open skies, and clear nights. This is where I learned a great deal about astronomy which I now share with you!

The Islands, as the locals call them, gave me the opportunity to become a certified Google Educator and teach in a variety of classrooms, including traditional, online, and blended models.  Needless to say, technology has played a starring role in my classroom. (Yes, pun intended.) 


Learn the Sky gives me an opportunity to bring my personal love for astronomy to you, as you find YOUR place among the stars.



As a NASA Solar System Ambassador Volunteer, my love for the sky and astronomy is fueled as I participate in NASA hosted educational teleconferences learning about various missions. Of course, I share all I have learned in my local community in a variety of ways, including online presentations for high school students and fun, crafty activities for elementary age students. 

At the core of Learn the Sky is the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha. Aloha is a spiritual and cultural word with deep meaning conveying feelings such as hello, goodbye, love, and affection.  I keep the spirit of aloha at the core of all of my teachings so that it parallels my students like it does every family and community throughout the Islands of Hawaii.   

Movement is greatly important to me personally. So much that I incorporate movement in the Learn the Sky mission statement. “Go outside, observe the stars, and share what you have learned with others“.  As a Certified Yoga and Les Mills instructor, I share the benefits of movement with others while taking advantage of the benefits myself.
Join me and the Learn the Sky  ĽOhana (family) for an out of this world experience while your feet remain planted firmly on the ground!
With Aloha,

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