My name is JANINE.

Welcome to my project called called Learn the Sky, where we explore the night sky together one constellation at a time.   

I first began this educational adventure when I tried to find information about the constellations, but I just couldn't find what I was looking for...so I started to create my own content!

It was exciting for me to have the opportunity to teach people around the world about astronomy. Over time, subscribers from my YouTube channel started sharing their stargazing experiences, creating a rich global dialogue about they see when they look up.

Learn the Sky gives me an opportunity to bring my personal love for astronomy to you, as you find your place among the stars.


My career as a science teacher provided me with the opportunity to live on the Big Island of Hawaii for over a decade and it was here where I learned to stargaze. Thanks to its ideal latitude and minimal light pollution, Hawaii became to perfect place to learn about the night sky and call home.  

During my time living in Hawaii, I had the opportunity to teach many subjects, such as biology, marine science, geology, and astronomy. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take students on field trips around the island to experience nature and participate in authentic research projects.

My hope to is encourage everyone to go outside and create their own stargazing adventure. 

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My Continuing JOURNEY.

After 12 years of living and learning on the Big Island, I have since moved back to my home state of Pennsylvania where I am continuing my career as a secondary science teacher.

As a Solar System Ambassador volunteer for NASA since 2018, my love for the sky and astronomy is enhanced as I learn about various missions and share that knowledge with my community.

In 2022, I was selected to be a NITARP (NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program) participant, where I worked alongside astronomers, teachers, and students to partake in authentic astronomy research. 

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