Celestial Objects in Perseus

celestial objects Nov 17, 2020

Perseus is a great constellation to explore if you want to find a variety of celestial objects, including star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. In this video, we will explore objects that can be seen in the boundaries of Perseus.

Perseus is a constellation I used to struggle to find, but it is the star clusters of this constellation that help me identify this pattern.  The Alpha Persei Cluster is one that is easily found between the Cassiopeia and Auriga. Look for the cluster of stars between those constellations and you will find Perseus.

I also enjoy finding the Double Cluster above the head of Perseus.  This cluster may not stand out as much as the Alpha Persei Cluster, but I can often find it if the skies are really dark and the moon is absent. 

The California Nebula is another gorgeous object to spot, however, it always shows up better in pictures than it does with the naked eye. The gas of this nebula is very diffuse, but when it is captured on camera over a long exposure time, the nebula resembles the shape of the state of California. 

I always encourage you to seek out dark skies to enhance your stargazing experience. Perseus is a constellation in particular that you want to have dark skies to see the celestial objects.

Good luck and keep looking up!