Triangulum the Triangle Constellation

constellations Dec 08, 2020

Triangulum is a simple constellation to find in the sky if you know where to look. Many bright constellations surround it, such as Andromeda, Aries, Perseus, and Cassiopeia. 

When I first learned about this constellation, I thought it would be considered to be a modern constellation since its pattern is so simple.  I was surprised to learn that this is actually an ancient constellation that was recognized by the Greeks, and possibly other civilizations prior to the Greeks.  The more I learn about the constellations, the more I discover that it really was the earliest civilizations, like the Mesopotamians and Babylonians, that first recognized the constellations.

This ancient constellation also contains the Triangulum Galaxy, also known as Messier 33. The Triangulum Galaxy is a spiral galaxy that is the third-largest galaxy in our own local group.  The Andromeda Galaxy is the largest of the local group while our own Milky Way is the second largest. 

Watch and learn how to identify this constellation and find it in the autumn sky.