Types of Constellations

constellations Apr 01, 2016

Constellations are classified into three separate categories based upon when they can be seen during the year as well as what celestial object move through the stars as well.

Circumpolar constellations are ones that are seen all year round. Their shapes lie close to the north celestial pole and do not set below the horizon. 

Zodiacal constellations are ones in which the sun passes through.  This is where the origin of the signs of the zodiac came from. 

Seasonal constellations are ones that change throughout the year depending on the seasons.  For example, in the northern hemisphere, the constellation Orion is one that see during the winter months.  The constellation Scorpius, is one you see during the summer months.  

Review the video below to learn more about the specifics of each type of constellation.

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