Planet Conjunction with Venus and Jupiter in the early morning of Nov. 13

celestial events Nov 01, 2017

Attention all early rising stargazers! Early this coming Monday, the oh-so-bright planet of Venus will sit very close to Jupiter in the dark morning sky. Both planets will be passing through the constellation of Virgo.

So how are we to find this rare celestial event? The key is the look east towards the horizon.  The only really bright star in the constellation of Virgo is called Spica, and it a bright, bluish colored star.  The planets will be brighter than the Spica. 

Finding Spica is a very easy.  First look for the Big Dipper, and then use the arc of the handle to 'arc to Arcturus' and then  'speed straight to Spica'. Both Venus and Jupiter will be situated very close the to bright blue star.



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