What Does a Stargazer See?

Watch and learn more about how the astronomers view the stars.


Constellations are man-made concepts that have been in existence for tens of thousands of years.

The names, shapes and stories of the stars have changed and evolved as much as the people naming them.

There were (and still are) many uses for the constellations. The star patterns can be used as a map, an agricultural calendar, and a fascinating branch of knowledge to study.



Astronomy and astrology were once practiced together, and it is important to acknowledge the histories of the all the cultures that studied the stars. 

My videos and courses look at the stars through the lens of ASTRONOMY. We will analyze and learn the star patterns, bright stars and celestial objects found in the boundaries of 88 recognized constellations by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) since 1930.  

TYPES of Constellations

When astronomers are studying the sky, they sort the constellations into three basic categories: circumpolarzodiacal, and seasonal constellations. 

Explore ways to identify the star patterns, how they change with each season, and the time cycles of the Earth and stars.

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